Foam Roller – Spiky Spine


This lightweight, high-density foam roller aims to deliver a deep tissue massage for your entire body, securing its place in your gym bag. This product is constructed with 3D bionic knobs to mimic the sensation of receiving a professional massage from a licensed therapist. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of consistent foam-rolling, you’ll never go back!

  • Prevents aches and alleviates pain
  • Featuring high-quality firm EVA material
  • High durability to withstand heavy load/pressure
  • Hard-wearing and shock-absorbent to perform in any workout
  • Designed to support all body types without losing shape over time
  • Includes 2 storage covers
  • Available in 2 colors
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CamoBlack, CamoPink


33 cm X 13.5 cm

Care Instruction

Use a piece of damp cloth to wipe away dirt and sweat. Keep away from sunlight for storage


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